Firstly, Zeta Solution Co., ltd may you and your family wishes for health, success and respectful greetings!

Currently Zeta Solutions is constantly improving the quality of the service as mentioned in our business criteria. In order to have the sufficient information as a basis for improving the management, customer support contributes to improving the quality of training and product quality. We have conducted a survey about the use of software applications in the company.

The questionnaire you fill out will help us to better study the actual needs of each business so that we can improve our products and overcome deficiencies in customer care. We hope that you will support our company by providing objective and truthful information in the online survey.

All of your personal information will only be used for research purposes and to publish aggregated results. Your cooperation will contribute to help our company orientate its training to be more complete and create more favorable conditions in the direction of business for the community.

Zeta Solutions would like to appreciate all your contributions during the survey, if any questions or questions arise, please contact the company directly.

Zeta Solutions

Address: Floor 3, The Oxygen, No.628C Hanoi HighWay, District 2, HCM City.

Phone number: 028 2240 0339


After completing the Survey, you will have a chance to receive one of three extremely quality gifts from us:

  1. 2 Voucher CGV movie tickets worth 100,000 VND / ticket
  2. Lock & Lock Tumbler

Sincere thanks for your cooperation.