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PTC Creo software is a total solution of CAD / CAM / CAE specialized for mechanical manufacturing businesses. Help design faster, realize the whole idea and can bring out the product as quickly as possible.
This is a mechanical software, it mainly serves the machine manufacturing industry according to the model, machine design according to parameters. This is the software most popular among mechanical people, especially the machine industry. However, it is necessary to comply with the Creo software copyright from the vendor.
In areas such as CAD / CAM / CAE, Creo (Pro / Engineer) it serves very well for mold engineering. Such as stamping dies, forging molds, plastic molds ..

PTC announced that it has released the latest version of its Creo 7.0. Creo 7.0 software will bring users new capabilities for an Internet-connected device network (IoT). Produce fusion, augment virtual reality, and help model-based definition (MBD). Creo 7.0 software will help to make smarter designs and increase production efficiency. Besides, there are core improvements and new functions. It allows designers to create future products.

Product development is about to change. Innovative design and AI let you start with optimized designs so you can focus on driving innovation for faster marketing.
Creo Generative Topology Optimization extends automatically creating innovative product designs based on technical requirements. Reduce development time and costs with high-quality, lower-cost designs that can be manufactured.

New extension: Optimize Creo topology
Our Creo topology optimization extension creates optimized product designs based on your constraints and requirements, including materials and manufacturing processes. Quickly explore creative design options to reduce development time and costs, all in the Creo design environment. See how the Automatic topology optimization extension provides designs that can produce high quality, lower costs.

Real time simulation
Creo 7.0 introduces Fluid Flow Simulation to Creo Simulation Live. Designed specifically for designers, the software gives you Real-Time Flow Simulation capabilities built directly into your Creo environment. Creo 7.0 also introduces improved UI and improved workflows to increase your productivity.

Multibody design
The new multi-frame design process allows you to separately manage, visualize and design geometric blocks. These new workflows empower you in the areas of general design, additive manufacturing and simulation

Manufacturing additives and CAM
Creo 7.0 has improvements to Creo Additive Manufacturing Extensions. You can now add networks based on the Delaunay algorithm. New Computer Support Manufacturing (CAM) capabilities include support for Swiss Machines as well as usability improvements.
With Creo additive manufacturing, you can develop creative designs, optimize and print out a variety of printers easily, all within Creo.
The Creo 7 extensions feature enhanced lattice enhancement with the Delaunay random algorithm and hard edge definition, enabling the lattice model, optimizing print trays and metal printing with supporting structures.

Improve core productivity
As with every release, Creo 7.0 contains significant core productivity improvements to help you design better products faster. New capabilities include enhanced Draft, enhancements to the 2D Mirror, many UI enhancements to the Sketcher tool, and more! These capabilities make Creo more intuitive and easier to use, allowing people to work more efficiently.